Madrid Bracelets Stack for Men

$ 75.00
SKU: FRSM-2070

Madrid stack contains a combination of black onyx and lava stones bracelets with a feature Evil Eye bracelet in black rhodium. This all-black combo will add a masculine and cool touch to your look. Wear these bracelets stacked or on their own.

Inspired by the love of travel and element of wanderlust present in each one of us, our men’s bracelet stacks are designed to add a stylish touch to your look all year round. These premade stacks contain a combination of elegant leather, colored gemstone beads and talismans from across cultures, for a positive impact on your energy and spirits.

  • Black String Bracelet with CZ Evil Eye -Rhodium
  • Wristband with Natural Black Onyx beads, 6mm
  • Wristband with Lava Stone & Steel Logo Beads, 6mm
  • You get all the 3 Bracelets
  • Handmade in USA
  • Sleek luxury gift box included
Healing Powers & Symbols Meaning

Evil Eye is a regarded as a symbol of protection across many cultures in the world. Wearing an Evil Eye talisman is said to protect against negativity and evil intentions and bring in good luck, positive energies and righteous karma.

Black Onyx is a great grounding stone and helps to change bad habits. It is helps to eliminate negative thinking and inspires inner strength by providing balance, clarity and focus in thoughts.

Lava Stone Lava stone gives physical and mental strength and clarity when facing difficult situations. It is a great reminder of one's inner passion and it helps fire the will and creation.

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