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Every purchase makes a difference - we donate 10% of each sale

Forziani was founded in 2011 as a passion project by a few close friends who wanted to travel the world and explore our spiritual calling. With sheer determination we took the plunge, got a wanderlust tattoo and set out on a world journey which lead to a process of self-discovery and mindfulness.

We traveled across the world to Japan, India, Nepal, Thailand and Indonesia, and absorbed the beauty of each region with their inherent cultures. Fascinated with energy, charisma, textures and colors of the Far East and with unfolding of an amazing world of teachings in Buddhism, Hinduism, Yoga and Meditation, our passion child Forziani was born. Inspired by ancient talismans and powers of natural stones, we learnt the art of fine jewelry making from native craftsmen in each country we visited.


Forziani is a socially conscious designer jewelry brand fusing European Chic with Eastern traditions. Our jewelry designs guide you to quietly reflect on your inner beauty and then project it outwards with sensuality and confidence.


Fast forward five years and we're still doing what we love - creating sustainable designer jewelry with spirituality being an intrinsic part to all our designs, just as much as beauty and value of materials used. We pledge to only use ethically sustainable raw materials and eco-friendly materials in our designs. Aligning with our cause centric goals, 10% of each Forziani sale is donated to a charity to make a social impact.

Forziani was born in 2011 with a very simple mission: To make a difference in this world. With your help, we've been able to help change the lives of hundreds of people by donating 10% of sales ito a cause of your choice. Our jewelry doesn't just look good; it helps create good. Together, we have the power to change lives every day.

We work with you to support these causes in America as well as worldwide and you can choose from charities and let us know your choice. Our default charity is ASPCA, an organization dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals and helping abused animals. If no choice of charity is made at checkout, we donate 10% of sale proceeds to ASPCA. We are partnered with 6 major charities and have donated to many others based on your choices. We’re constantly looking to expand and support as many causes as possible, let us know if you would like us to include a worthy cause.

Thank you for stopping by our site and supporting our causes.





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