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Forziani is a socially conscious designer jewelry brand fusing European Chic with Eastern traditions. Our jewelry designs guide you to quietly reflect on your inner beauty and then project it outwards with sensuality and confidence. With creation of new designs every year Forziani brand is expanding rapidly with celebrities and famous personalities embracing the meaningful and spiritual pieces of jewelry. Today  the popularity of brand has spread internationally and rocketing demand for jewelry with purpose has made Forziani's charity mission to save young girls from a life on streets more viable. Along with a blanket 5% of All online sales going to Homes of Hope centers, we are now working towards creating a special collection to benefit these young girls. You can find more about our mission here and we hope you will join us in supporting Homes of Hope.

It's a World of Service at Forziani. Whether you need a Gift Urgently, need help planning your Cruise Jewelry, have that most important event to go to and need some help with syling options or merely have a simple question, our customer team is always eager to help. Please contact 407-346-6026 or get in touch with form below and we will respond asap

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