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Giving has never been such an intoxicating experience!



At the Heart of Forziani is a shopping experience built on luxury fashion and superior service. It is our endeavor to make your purchase special with a very personal approach to gifting, wrapping and customer service. 

Each of our items comes exclusively gift wrapped and enriched with a unique scent of your choice making it a truly magical experience.

Please contact our customer care specialists at prior to your order shipping to choose from refined fragrances viz Seascape, Green Tea, Vanilla, Lavender, Sage etc.

While we will ensure a supreior gift comes your way, our fundamental values of green and sustainable business practices are never compromised.

Our Jewelry is wrapped in brand new Organic Hemp Pouches and our Luxurious Gift Boxes are made out of 50% recycled materials right here in the USA.

Perfumes we use are acquired locally and are cultivated organically. We want you to enjoy the process of Gifting to the maximum and leave the details to us!

Write to us today about your special gift event coming up and any personal note you would like added and leave the rest to our fabulous girls!  

Contact us at :    or   Call us at: 1.407.346.6026

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