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Forziani was born in 2011 with a very simple mission: To make a difference in this world. With your help, we've been able to help change the lives of hundreds of people by donating 10% of sales ito a cause of your choice. Our jewelry doesn't just look good; it helps create good. Together, we have the power to change lives every day.

Forziani team has pledged to support various charities in the USA and across the World. We are partnered with 6 major charities worldwide and have donated to many others based on your choice. We actively work with you to send your donation to the charity of your choice. Just let us know of your choice at the checkout page and we will ensure your donation goes towards the right cause. If no choice is made, we send 10% of sale amount to ASPCA. 

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Thank you for stopping by our site and supporting our causes.


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