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At Forziani we hope to be the catalysts of modern fashion styles with spiritually inspired creations that are produced sustainably and ethically. From Beaded Bracelets to Necklaces, from Leather Bracelets to Stainless Steel Chains and Tags, we invite you to discover meaningful pieces at Forziani. Our vibrant community of bold young men and women just like you, want to travel the world, explore their spiritual side and live life on their own terms. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a music enthusiast, an artist, a jet setting executive or an internet sensation, we promise you – a great community of fellow spiritual travelers who will help bring out the best in you. You are always welcome to join us and start your journey of self exploration. Be Bold. Be You.

Forziani is an ethically conscious jewelry brand fusing Western Chic with Eastern traditions. Our jewelry designs guide you to quietly reflect on your inner strength and then project it outwards with confidence and determination. Always be pointing North.

Forziani was founded in 2012 by two friends who wanted to travel and explore the world. Feeling stuck in mid level corporate jobs, we always felt there was something missing in our lives and wanted to do much more than plan weekend excursions. There was a yearning for travel which was hard to explain and tough to ignore. With sheer determination, we took the plunge, quit our jobs, got passports, cleaned out our savings accounts, and set out for a year of backpacking and traveling through the world.

We both agree, that this trip turned out to be transforming and life altering in more ways than one and we experienced a paradigm shift in our lives and personalities which amazes to date. We traveled across the world to Japan, India, Nepal, Thailand and Indonesia, and absorbed the beauty of each region with their inherent cultures. We learned about ancient stories, talismans, symbols and art of each region. Fascinated with textures and colors of the Far East and with unfolding of an amazing new world of teachings in Buddhism and Hinduism, our passion project Forziani was born.

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