Italy is the kind of place you fall in love with instantly but then it builds into a solid love affair as you spend more time there. Almost anyone can travel to Italy but it takes a certain kind of panachè to actually see Italy. Read on to see our travel account of a luxurious villa holiday in Italy.

Despite its numerous popular visitor spots, Italy is the kind of country which can boast of hidden spots that even seasoned locals might never know about. And even if they do know, they prefer to keep secret and a little mysterious to find about. There is no better way to explore beautiful sunsets and mingle with locals than renting a villa in town.

While there are many luxurious villas for rental all across Italy, this one villa with an expansive balcony overlooking the sea is the one which will make your heart smile.


villa1 Villa Dorata overlooks the scenic village of Positano and offers spectacular, panoramic views of the sea. This private five bedroom palazzo is luxuriously decorated in high-Baroque style from the elegant jewel tone hues to the ornate chandeliers, features lavish tasseled draperies, exquisite frescoed ceilings, vaulted alcoves, and plush-cushioned furniture.

villa2 The terrace offers an absolutely breathtaking panoramic view of the colorful houses that line Positano beach and as far out as the exotic Galli islands, completely surrounded by the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea.

villa4 You can have lunch inside the villa's coffered and plush dining room or like me, prefer a more natural and intimate gazebo outside on the terrace.
villa3 Either ways, you will be spoilt by five star service including a waitress, a cook, maid service, and a gardener. After all at a tab of $17,000 and change weekly, your vacation should be completely work and worry free!
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